Live Stream Production Van Pricing

Fully Customizable Pricing Plans

Production Van
  • On-Site Technician
  • Up To 6 Wireless or Wired Live Camera 
  • Custom Titles
  • Slow Motion Instant Replay
  • Rolling Sponsor Banner Ads
  • Sponsor Commercial Insertion
  • Scoring System Integration (if available)
  • 1 Main Live stream
  • Unlimited number of viewers on all streams
    (viewer data rates apply)
  • And More...
Daily Rates

Per Day $1750 (3 Day Minimum)
Streaming Internet Data Rates
(Free if On-site Internet Provided)

$45/hour for 1-10 hours*
$40/hour for 11+ hours*
$35/hour for 20+ hours*
*Data rates are per individual stream and total show streaming time.

Additional Live Streams

Additional Live Streams include 1 Sponsor Logo.
(Full Production not available on additional streams)
Up to 5 additional streams available
$250/day each individual stream server connection

STREAMING to External Sources

            Streaming to External Streaming/Clipping  Services $10,000
            (Including ClipMyHorse and similar services)

Viewer Data Rates

2000GB Bandwidth
Approximately 6000 HRS Viewer hours
Overage bandwidth $0.40/GB*
*(Bandwidth overages billed at end of show)

Available Extras
(Based on Individual Show needs)

Camera Operators
Custom streaming server storage
Travel: 400 Miles FREE. $0.75/mile after 400 Miles.
Lodging $150/Night over 600 Miles/Day

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Updated 1/1/2024

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